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JRHS 25th Birthday Bash: Capstone Project

No good thing should go uncelebrated. This is why Thalia Tymowski, a senior in the Center for Leadership and International Relations, decided that for her Capstone Project she would throw a 25th birthday party for James River High School. Leading up to the celebration, Thalia commemorated James River's 25th anniversary by creating a video highlighting what makes this school such an incredible place. The video featured amazing alumni, faculty, and current students who all share a love for their high school. Finally, on April 17, 2019, this video was debuted at a “Birthday Bash” held in the James River Library. Over 70 students and teachers all gathered together, united by their heightened sense of school spirit, to celebrate together and enjoy the company of their fellow rapids (and some delicious snacks!) The event was enjoyed by all, and for those unable to attend, the video has been shared on several social media platforms and goes on to spread joy and Rapid Pride!

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