Leadership Council

Leadership Council provides an opportunity for Center students to practice the skills they have learned in their Center coursework.  If the Quad is the beating heart of the Center, the Council is the blood that runs through its veins.  Council committees and subcommittees meet regularly and work collaboratively to develop and execute all events and functions of the Center.  The Council is composed of four committees comprising 17 subcommittees and requires a community of about 75 students to function.  Applications for the Council open during the first week of classes and roles are appointed or elected by mid-September. 

The roles and responsibilities of the Leadership Council are outlined below.  Please note that many roles have changed for 2021-2022. 

Council Roles & Responsibilities


The President is a senior who was appointed as Vice President during their junior year.  The President is required to serve as TA to the Center Director during their free period and works closely with the Center Director weekly, if not daily, to oversee, refine, and execute all functions of the Leadership Council.


Vice President

The Vice President is a junior appointed by the Center Director and is required to be at minimum one credit ahead of "on time" graduation status in order to serve as Council President and TA to the Center Director during their senior year.  The Vice President attends all Council meetings and meets with subcommittees as necessary.  The Vice President also meets regularly with the President for training purposes.  In preparation for taking on the role of President in their senior year, the Vice President will lead Council meetings as assigned in the spring semester.  The Vice President emcees and assists with organizing the Senior Banquet, acts as a designee of the President as needed, and fulfills other duties as assigned by the Center Director and/or the Council President.

Committee Chairs (four total; one for each committee)

Committee Chair roles are open to sophomores through seniors, with the exception of the External Events Chair, who must be a Junior.  The Committee Chairs are responsible for attending all Council Chair meetings and most Council Leadership meetings.  The Chair will also attend subcommittee meetings as needed.  The Chair oversees all of the subcommittees under their committee umbrella, facilitates collaboration between subcommittees, and reports on their progress to Council Leadership.  The Chair also liaises with faculty and community partners as needed, and serves as tie-breaker and/or final decision maker within subcommittees as necessary. 


Community Relations Committee

Develops and distributes internal and external communications throughout the school year. Organizes and executes community events and works with CLARITY and JRHS administration to broaden the reach and deepen the impact of the Center's activities.  All subcommittees are open to all grade levels.


  • Parent Outreach

    • Liaises with CLARITY and Center families

    • Develops and produces student newsletter

  • Student Outreach

    • Coordinates social media campaigns and works with Graphics to develop content

    • Plans and executes Center-focused and school-wide student outreach strategy

  • Teacher Outreach

    • Helps to organize Teacher Appreciation Week

    • Supports CLARITY in organizing faculty holiday luncheon

    • Communicates with faculty on behalf of Center students

  • Cornerstone

    • Organizes quarterly Cornerstone breakfasts

    • Introduces Cornerstone speakers

  • Graphics

    • Creates and/or approves graphics for all committees

    • Provides graphics support to events, faculty, and Center students as needed


International Relations Committee

Responsible for internal and virtual events and activities that connect the Center to people from a variety of countries and cultures.  All subcommittees are open to all grade levels.


  • Speaker Panel

    • Coordinates and executes VCU Speaker Series

    • Manages recordings of speakers and events 

    • Introduces speakers at events

  • ESOL Connection

    • Works with ESL department to facilitate events with EL students

  • World Culture

    • Works with World Language department to facilitate activities for international months

    • Coordinates with student outreach and graphics to build awareness of world culture events and milestones

  • Cuisine

    • Coordinates monthly cultural cooking classes

    • Develops content to share recipes and highlight local restaurants and businesses via social media


External Events Committee

Plans and executes events and activities that occur off-campus.  Most subcommittees are open to all grade levels, with the exception of International Travel, which is open to Sophomores and Juniors only.


  • Richmond-area Relations

    • Facilitates Richmond Forum activities

    • Researches & develops relationships with local advocacy groups (i.e. Richmond World Affairs Council, Virginia Museum of History & Culture)

  • Center Community-Building

    • Plans ropes course field trip

    • Point of contact for "families" & focus sessions

    • Manages buddy system mixer and matching program

  • Domestic Travel

    • Supports faculty in planning field trips

    • Researches and develops opportunities for center-wide domestic travel

  • International Travel Development (Sophomores and Juniors ONLY)

    • This subcommittee will focus on research and future preparation and planning in the 2021-2022 school year.  This subcommittee will evolve to planning events 12-24 months out in subsequent years.  Sophomores who are interested in serving as External Events Chair should apply specifically to this committee.


Recruiting Committee

Works with the Center Director and assigned middle school administration to facilitate recruitment.  The recruiting committee's goal is to ensure equitable access to the Center and recruit from the entire geographic and demographic spectrum of the CCPS community.  All subcommittees are open to all grade levels.


  • Northern

    • Responsible for Midlothian, Robious, and Providence middle schools

  • Southern

    • Responsible for Elizabeth Davis, Carver, and Matoaca middle schools

  • Eastern

    • Responsible for Manchester, Falling Cree, and Salem middle schools

  • Western

    • Responsible for Bailey Bridge, Tomahawk, and Swift Creek middle schools


Class Ambassadors (two per grade level)

Class Ambassadors are the Council's only elected positions.  Grade level Ambassadors apply in pairs, and up to three pairs of candidates are selected to run in a class-wide election.  Class Ambassadors are responsible for to attending Council meetings, hosting one grade level social per semester, and providing a minimum of 10 photos of Leadership Center events, classes, etc. per nine weeks. Class Ambassadors also represent their grade level and facilitate student feedback for faculty, CLARITY, and other community partners.   Additional duties may be assigned by Mrs. Smith and/or Council leadership.