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11th Grade


Junior year charges students to develop their abilities to read, explicate, analyze, and evaluate situations, their own ethical positions, and think critically and analytically about ethical issues. 



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AP Research: Ethics    


AP Research allows students to deeply explore an academic topic, problem, issue or idea of individual interest. Students design, plan and implement a yearlong investigation to address a research question.  In this course, students examine their values and ethics through a variety of case studies in the areas of science, technology and society; develop their own questioning skills and ability to make evidence-based decisions; and design creative solutions to real-world problems in their school, community and beyond.

AP Research Overview

American Literature 


The course involves critical reading and writing with an emphasis in American Literature.  Students will simultaneously examine the historical bases and context of literature written by American authors.


          American Literature             Course Overview

AP United States History


The AP course provides a general overview of the history of the United States. Students will explore America’s past, examining the cultural, political, geographical, economical and technological changes that have taken place and have helped to shape the nation today.


   AP United States History

               Course Overview


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