9th Grade: Perspective


Freshman year introduces students to the cornerstone of perspective. Students will be engaged in thoughtful conversations throughout their classes. The 9th grade coursework provides engaging dialogue and analysis of current events, literature, and history. 


Leadership & International Relations Perspectives

Students will discuss and analyze the historical and philosophical background to leadership,  apply those ideas to modern theories, and discuss current events through various perspectives.


Leadership & International Relations Perspectives Course Overview

Multigenre Literature


The English 9 study of literature will challenge students to examine various literary genres in order to understand literary terms and vocabulary and to analyze and acquire skills necessary for effective leadership. 


Multigenre Literature Course Overview

World History I


 Students will examine World History/World Geography from the beginning of time to 1500.  


World History I Course Overview

*Course will change to AP Human Geography with the Class of 2024 Cohort.*