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9th Grade


Freshman year introduces students to the cornerstone of communication. Students engage in thoughtful conversations throughout their classes. 9th grade coursework provides engaging dialogue and analysis of current events, literature, and history. 


Globe covered in flags of all nations.
Maps and Compass
Communication for Leadership & International Relations

This course will develop and enhance students’ ability to speak effectively and listen critically. Students will learn more about communication and how it affects human interaction by participating in individual and group learning activities. Students will learn to write and deliver a variety of speeches and learn to critique themselves and others. Group activities emphasize leadership styles and critical thinking skills. Students develop into ethical and effective communicators, whose integrity and leadership will affect positive changes locally and globally.

Communication Course Overview

English 9H



Students will read and apply skills and strategies to comprehend selections of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. They will also work to develop extensive vocabulary knowledge and skills with attention to connotations, idioms, and allusions, along with knowledge of literary terms and genres to be applied in the student’s own writing. Writing will encompass narrative, expository, and persuasive forms for a variety of purposes and audiences. An emphasis on research and oral communications is also integral to this course.

English 9H Course Overview

AP Human Geography



 AP Human Geography allows students to learn about world population issues, border disputes, and international relations. In addition, the course exposes students to economic theories and models as well as world religions and the origins and diffusion of languages. Students will study urban development and industrialization while exploring the world and gaining a spatial perspective on not only where things occur but why.

AP Human Geography Course Overview

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