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9th Grade


Freshman year introduces students to the cornerstone of perspective. Students engage in thoughtful conversations throughout their classes. 9th grade coursework provides engaging dialogue and analysis of current events, literature, and history. 


Globe covered in flags of all nations.
Maps and Compass
Communication for Leadership & International Relations

The course offers students the opportunity to develop a variety of personal and professional communication skills that promote effective leadership and successful international relations.

Communication Course Overview

Multigenre Literature


The English 9 study of literature will challenge students to examine various literary genres in order to understand literary terms and vocabulary and to analyze and acquire skills necessary for effective leadership. 


Multigenre Literature Course Overview

AP Human Geography

 AP Human Geography allows students to learn about world population issues, border disputes, and international relations. In addition, the course exposes students to economic theories and models as well as world religions and the origins and diffusion of languages. Students will study urban development and industrialization while exploring the world and gaining a spatial perspective on not only where things occur but why.

AP Human Geography Course Overview

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