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Spain to VA Cultural Connection: Capstone Project

Throughout the fall of 2016, students at James River High School participated in the Spain to Virginia Cultural Connection Capstone Project. We connected James River students who take Spanish, to students in Toro, Spain who take English. The students communicated via a texting app called WhatsApp. The project was a huge success. Fifty one students were a part of the project in total. The goal was to give students the opportunity to use the language they are learning in school in a fun and engaging environment. Partners loved one another and learned so much about culture and language. There was also an Instagram account, where videos made by students about daily life were shared so that participants could get a glimpse of what it’s like to live on each side of the ocean. Now that the project is over, the process of how we created this partnership will be sent to teachers in other schools to give them an idea of a project that might be possible! Even though the official project has ended, partners are still encouraged to stay in touch and still learn from one another.

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