On Saturday, October 25, 2014, about 100 participants of all ages came out to the Swamp from 10am to 4pm to partake in a fun-filled 3v3 soccer tournament, Kick Away Cancer, to raise money for the ASK (Assistance Support Kindness) Childhood Cancer Foundation. The motto along the way was, “Help us reach our goal by scoring goals!”

With five groups of four teams apiece, the hours passed quickly with music echoing throughout the stadium. Alex Viglis, a senior in the Center for Leadership and International Relations enthusiastically exclaimed, “I wish we could do this every weekend!” When each game concluded, concessions quenched their thirsts and appetites with Italian Ice, cookies, pizza and cupcakes all the while raising even more money to help the pediatric cancer patients ASK serves on a daily basis.

Although Michael's motivation for Kick Away Cancer, his 8 year old neightbor, Evan, could not make it out that Saturday, he along with the hundreds of cancer patients will benefit greatly from the final amount raised of $2,200, over double the initial goal back in August.

Kick Away Cancer

Michael Andrews

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