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Students ans young children posing with two people in Bear Costumes

The senior elective focuses on applying servant leadership skills acquired throughout the Center. Each student, either as an individual or pair, is responsible for designing and implementing a Capstone Project that serves the community or school.


Past projects include basketball tournaments for leukemia awareness, benefit fashion shows and concerts, a recycling program, after-school art enrichment programs, soccer clinics for the Head Start program, and golf tournaments for charity.  



Capstone Highlights

2 Guthrow & Wood .jpg

Outdoor Classroom

Since 2012, students have been working on the design and construction of James River High School's first outdoor classroom, In the spring of 2014, the Carrie M. Roarty Outdoor Classroom opened. Leadership Students with the help of students and outside businesses constructed the classroom space that all James River students will be able to utilize for a lifetime.

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