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Dance for the Arts: Capstone Project

Gillian and Maddie invited the K-2 Bettie Weaver, Crestwood, J.B. Watkins, and Robious communities to join them on December 9th and 10th to “Dance for the Arts!” Fathers and daughters within the community came out to James River High School, where they danced the night away to a live jazz band, and DJ. As they made their way into the school they were greeted by an elementary art-walk show casing each school’s talented students, that led them into the “Frozen” themed wonderland. Many of the Princes and Princess of James River High School came out to dance, make flowers, and color with the daughters. In total the dances had about 200 attendees, and raised over $1,500 in effort to keep arts in schools. All proceeds from the dance went back to Art180, a local organization which works in Richmond City and outer suburbs providing art and music programs for underprivileged kids, their goal is to turn the community around “180 degrees.”​​​

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