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What is CLARITY?

CLARITY is the parent organization supporting the Leadership & International Relations Center. (Chesterfield Leadership And International Relations Inspiring Today's Youth). We are a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the students and teachers in the Leadership Center. Via CLARITY, we provide financial and volunteer support for the program. 
Membership Information​

As a member of CLARITY, we have many ways for you to be involved in the Center.  CLARITY believes that simply attending this Center is not what makes these students real leaders, but it is the action of applying what they learn in the classroom to better our community that will set them apart in their futures. 

Please show your support for the Center for Leadership and International Relations by joining CLARITY.  Annual membership dues are $35.00 per student. 
How do we support?​
  • Two (2) $1,000 Scholarships awarded to seniors

  • Volunteer support for various events such as specialty center fairs, Open House, hospitality for interviews, and special events

  • Financial support for student activities and classroom enrichment

  • Capstone & Internship support

If you would like to donate to CLARITY through Give Butter, please click the DONATE button below.

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Executive Board

CLARITY President
Greg Moore

Center Director

Lindsey Smith


Norm Joseph

Capstone Project Treasurer

Kim Frola



Debbie Lewis


Standing Committees


Lynne Ellis


Jessica Forsythe

International Relations

Vannessia Slappy


Amber VanderMeer




Laura Eklund

Care & Hospitality

Kelly McCall


Teacher Appreciation

Kacy Osterhout

Volunteer Opportunities


Class Representatives:

Senior: Amy Brooke

Junior: Sarah Birckhead

Sophomore: Christin Drummond

Freshman: Anissa Broderick and Jennifer Brace

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