International Relations

United Nations

17 Sustainable Development Goals

The Center utilizes the 17 Goals within our various course curriculum and as a guide for enrichment opportunities.



The International Relations component of our Center integrates discussions and learning to allow students to develop and recognize what is happening in other parts of the world.  Within the classes, students discuss current events, and international relations is woven throughout the curriculum of the teachers. 

  • Current Events

  • Engaging Discussions

  • Connections with students from other countries

  • Research leaders from different backgrounds

  • Texts read through a global lens


The Center offers a variety of opportunities for students to learn about different cultures, careers, and fields. We also provide opportunities to meet individuals from different backgrounds and ethnicities.



Our Center students partner monthly with our ESOL (English as a Second Language) students at JRHS to share, learn, and connect.


Our specialty center has created a speaker series that invites individuals from various business, organizations, and experiences to share about their international experiences to help shape and empower our students as global citizens.


We frequently invite guest speakers into our classrooms, as well as special programs for the entire JRHS student body. Speakers share about their cultures, perspectives, and experiences so students are being exposed to a variety of experiences to engage with their world. 


We have been extremely excited to partner with international students from the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University to host panels with international students, arrange dinners for Fulbright Scholars, and attend special events with their international students.