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TEDxYouth@RVA occurred on November 15, 2014, at the Collegiate Oates Theatre in Henrico, Virginia. TEDxYouth@RVA is an extension of TEDxRVA, a three-year running citywide TEDx event that occurs in Richmond, Virginia. TEDxYouth@RVA was created after TEDxYouth@JamesRiverRoad as co-curator Paige Lawson attended this event in February of 2014 and then joined her twin sister, co-curator, Emily Lawson to take TEDxYouth@JamesRiverRoad and make it bigger. TEDxYouth@RVA was the end product.

This event brought over 500 people to enjoy a cold night at Collegiate’s state-of-the-art theatre to take part in a night filled with seven TED talks, interactive experiences, and delicious food all free of charge. The event featured TED talks from Michelle Marquez, John Lewis, Richard Luck and Sarah Mullens, Abby Donnelson, Kevin Tobin, Maya Criss and Eric Edwards. The event also featured a piano duet from sisters Alyssa and Emma Prillaman. Curators Emily and Paige Lawson hosted the event, and helped involve the audience in a “TEDxYouth@RVA selfie” to get the night started, and the night was filled with fun to follow. The key mission of TEDxYouth@RVA was to bring as many youth together from throughout the Richmond area for an entertaining and educational night. This goal was accomplished as youth from the Peter Paul Development Center, Art 180, the Boys and Girls Club, Chat, Collegiate School, James River High School, and many others were in attendance. Overall TEDxYouth@RVA was an incredible night with incredible talks that will soon be available to view on the TED YouTube channel.

Both curators agree, “We poured our hearts and souls into this project, and could not be happier with the outcome." –Emily & Paige Lawson


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