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Santa's Worldwide Supply Drive: Capstone Project

On November 17, 2018, Morgan Orr, a senior in the Center for Leadership and International Relations, held her Capstone, Santa’s Worldwide Supply Drive. And what a success it was! Many friends, family members, and colleagues came out to support her cause. Through her Capstone, Morgan wanted to make an impact on the impoverished children in Africa and show that each one of us can make a difference. During the Capstone, participants took part in making (and eating) delicious Christmas cookies and creating holiday cards to send to the children in Africa! At the very end, all participants worked together in an assembly line fashion, putting together boxes full of school supplies for the benefit of schools and children in Africa. At the very end of her Capstone, Morgan succeeded in putting together eight huge boxes full of supplies. Overall, Santa’s Worldwide Supply Drive was a huge success because it allowed everyone the opportunity to make a difference and see the impact that they could make.

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