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Driving out Prostate Cancer: Capstone

After his father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2010, Christopher Alfano knew that he had to raise awareness for the disease. By combining his passion for golf and his desire to spread the word, he created, Driving out Prostate Cancer, a golf tournament where a group of five friends teamed up and competed against eight other teams. Whichever team scored the lowest best-ball score went home victorious. All proceeds from the event went to The Prostate Cancer Foundation for research. Christopher and his brothers have an increased likelihood of getting the disease, so money was raised in hopes that by the time he has to get checked there will be advancements in treatment, or better yet, the cancer will be eradicated. While his father has been cancer free for seven years, he wants to spread awareness so that nobody has to go through what he and his family did when he was in elementary school.

The tournament was a huge success, and the participants had a great time playing a round of golf with their best friends. In addition to the thrilling tournament, participants enjoyed music, food, cornhole and “Kan Jam” throughout the day. All who participated received items from The Prostate Cancer Foundation including informational cards about Prostate Cancer and identification tags to put on their golf bags! The tournament successfully raised over $3,000 to be donated to The Prostate Cancer Foundation and spread awareness throughout Midlothian.

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