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CAPSTONE PROJECT: Playing in the Dirt

The project to renovate the butterfly gardens and greenhouse at Crestwood Elementary School was a big effort. Crestwood’s recent principal had lead an incredible movement to construct a butterfly garden spreading across campus as well as a program to raise and tag monarch butterflies. In order to revitalize this desire in the community, big plans came underway starting in August and ending in October. Incorporating donations from local sponsors including: The Great Big Greenhouse, The Home Depot, Southern States, Sneed’s Nursery, Lowe’s, and Pete Rose Landscape Products, the space got a total makeover! Three new garden beds were built, two more were fixed, over 60 butterfly plants were implemented, and new gravel was spread as well as mulch! Also, to add some color, students at Crestwood were invited to place paint hand prints on a newly painted bench just outside the greenhouse.

Lastly, on October 29th, Ms. Nora Tetlow’s third grade class got the opportunity to try their little hands at planting! Each student got a recycled K-cup canister which they filled with dirt and planted basil seeds after learning about the life cycles of plants. This was intended to give the students a sense of responsibility in taking care of the new plants at their school as they gear up plant more Milkweed seeds and bring back the monarchs!

Way to go Lorin for a job well done on your Capstone Project!!!

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