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Capstone Project: Casino Night & Silent Auction

Becca Delisio hosted the Casino Night and Silent Auction on February 28th. The event was held at Salisbury Country Club where the theme, a black and white masquerade, was shown through the center pieces on the table and decorations around the room and silent auction. All of the proceeds were split between the JRHS Band Boosters and Athletic Boosters and was a night that helped bridge the gap between band and athletics. It was a packed house with around 110 people in attendance, all of whom were adorned in colorful masks.

The event began with particpants mingling while consuming appetizers and beverages while browsing the silent auction. Then around seven the casino games started up, and people got competitive because they wanted to get more tickets and increase their chances at one of the four prizes-a purple mountain bike, a yellow mountain bike, a laser printer, or JRHS themed cornhole. As the night continued, people got more into the casino games and the silent auction, especially the last five minutes before a section closed. Dispersed throughout the fun were six horse races where participants could bid on a horse and root for it to win; the last horse race had the horses replaced with people. As the night came to an end, Becca and her volunteers, Maddie, Paris, Ben, Stirling, and Haley, called out the raffle items. Those around got silent as the last raffle was pulled, the wagon of fun- a red wagon overflowing with various beverages that was kindly donated by various families.

Overall the night was a hit with everyone who attended and Becca felt that “after all the hard work and love put into this project I am glad I can give something back to band and athletics, two groups that have given me so much.”

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