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Challenge Discovery Ropes Course Field Trip

On Monday, October 30, the James River High School Leadership Freshmen and Juniors went on their annual field trip to the Challenge Discovery Ropes Course. Leadership students were split into groups that consisted of both freshmen and juniors, giving the students the opportunity to get to know one another better. To begin the day, each student was randomly given the name of another person in their group. The student’s job was to get to know this person better and to take note of the positive contributions this member made to the group.

At the end of the day, they would reveal the name they were given and tell the group the leadership and teamwork skills this person displayed throughout the day. Groups participated in activities both on the ground as well as on the high ropes course. Through each exercise students learned to trust one another, the importance of communication, and how to successfully work together as a team. On the high ropes, students quickly learned that their group would not succeed unless they put their confidence in one another. Through every part of the ropes course, an obvious improvement was seen in the dynamic of each group. As the students completed the course, it could be seen that they became more comfortable with one another and that they learned that success came when they worked together as a team. On the ground, students participated in other creative team building activities. These imaginative exercises were unique ways for students to practice their leadership skills. As well as improving their leadership skills, students understood the importance of being a successful follower. Through each task, the students learned to rely on one another and discovered the importance of communication and trust. Overall, the Leadership field trip was an extreme success and we can’t wait for next year!

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