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Operation Girl Code: Capstone Project

Since the beginning of the Capstone planning process, Tiara Alston and Miah Davis knew that they wanted to mentor teenage girls in some way. From the advice of school counselors, they decided to focus on middle school, specifically eighth grade to help the girls prepare and transition into high school. The goal was to give the girls a safe space where they could learn and grow as individuals. Operation Girl Code had its first official meeting on November 13, 2018. They continued to meet once a month until January when they began meeting twice a month.

Operation Girl Code meetings consisted of a new topic each time. The topics ranged from effective communication, healthy relationships, future planning, and more! Lesson plans were created with fun, interactive activities that would get the girls thinking and up and moving. The activities included surveys, questionnaires, group discussions, scenario worksheets, and role play.

Throughout the program, many of the girls showed tremendous personal growth. By the end of Operation Girl Code, the girls had created a unique bond. Operation Girl Code finished their last meeting on March 25, 2019. Reflecting on the last meeting, one thing was truly evident... Operation Girl Code was not just a program but a sisterhood.

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