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Screen on the Green: Capstone Project

“Screen on the Green” was an outdoor movie to raise awareness about the environment. I got inspired to create a project about the environment after learning about “waste free” lifestyles. I found that different kinds of reusable products and the amount of trash that we as humans create was very interesting. I thought that I would be able to learn more by creating a project surrounding the idea of eco-friendliness.

The event took place at James River High School in one of the fields. Everyone brought blankets and chairs to enjoy the movie! It started at six, and everyone walked around to learn from different booths related to the environment. There was a representative from “TreeLab” that brought different kinds of trees that could be purchased to plant and some information on his company. There was a booth for JRHS Fair Traders who talked about “fair trade” and how it benefits the environment. James River’s AP Biology teacher, Mr. Crane, set up a booth representing “Brain Awareness Week” and brought models of different animal brains. Lastly, there was a paint station where people could paint trees and what they love most about the environment.

The movie started at around 7:30 and it was The Lorax, a film about the negative impacts of cutting down trees and is perfect for all ages. The message went hand in hand with the theme of the event. During the movie, people could get free popcorn that was served in Mason jars. The popcorn machine (along with the popcorn) was supplied by Village Bank. The jars were definitely a fun aspect of the event because everyone got to take one home, and it created zero trash to be picked up at the end. Thanks to several donations from James River students, there were dozens of jars available.

Overall, I was very happy with the outcome of “Screen on the Green.” Even though it was quite chilly once the sun went down, the weather ended up being perfect. A lot of people from the community came and learned about the Earth while enjoying eco-friendly popcorn, and watching a film about saving the trees.

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