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On Wednesday, October 25, three VCU exchange students working with the Global Exchange Office visited James River High School to speak about their experiences abroad. The students included Francesco, an Italian senior majoring in economics, Dea, an aspiring teacher from France, and David, a German undergraduate pursuing urban planning. The floor was opened up for questions, and our students definitely responded! When asked about their favorite part about their home country, David said that he loves the city where he studied, Dea said that the food was the best in France, and Francesco said he really enjoyed the history and culture. On the other hand, everyone really liked the pleasant weather in America, as well as all of the opportunities to explore nature. Unsurprisingly, some of the students' biggest challenges about living abroad was having to use English on the daily and getting out of their comfort zones.

A major difference that they noticed was how expensive going to a univ

ersity is because most places in Europe have free college. Something that many found amusing was how all three of the exchange students answered food as their least favorite thing about the United States. David, the student from Germany, said that Berlin was definitely a must-see in Germany due to all of the history of the city. Dea said that the beaches of South France were absolutely exceptional, and David even vouched for her! While major cities such as Rome and Florence were excellent, Francesco really loves Lake Como for its beautiful scenery. Having these exchange students was such a wonderful opportunity that allows our students to get a taste of other cultures as well as experience the perspectives of international students. Thanks so much to VCU's Global Exchange Office and see you next time!

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