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KidsMedCamp ~ Capstone Project

KIDSMedCamp@MYTKD, a day event that occurred on Tuesday, August 29th at Master Yi's Olympic Taekwondo, was organized by senior, Anneda Rong, and was created to impact the children both here in Richmond and in Cambodia.

Anneda's family is primarily from Cambodia, a country that severely lacks first aid education. Countless adults and children in Cambodia are constantly being diagnosed with deadly diseases that are simply preventable. Similarly, there are many children here in America that lack first aid education as well. Kids often times worsen injuries and ailments due to improper self-treatment. With this heart-breaking fact in mind, Anneda knew she had to do something to change it.

At KIDSMedCamp@MYTKD, thirty kids ranging from the ages six to twelve learned how to respond to minor and major emergencies-from wrapping a sprained bone to calling 911. Other scenarios included cooling off burns with water, pinching the nose if it is bleeding, and cleaning then applying bandages to a wound.

What made Anneda's project successful was how she stressed to the children that they are never too young to change the world. After learning proper, basic first aid, the children here in Richmond created informational first aid booklets that were eventually sent over to the kids over in Cambodia so that they could learn too. Moreover, the kids had the opportunity to create their own first aid kits to take home and use if a situation ever required them to do so.

This project would not have been successful without the support from James River High School, Master Yi's Taekwondo Staff and Students, OrthoVirginia, the VCU Medical Center, Diamond Billards, and FC Richmond. An immense thank you to everyone who donated and contributed their time and encouragement.

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