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Capstone Project: Project Hope

Since April of 2015, Project Hope has been fundraising to sponsor three families through the Henrico Christmas Mother Program. Through a series of grant donation requests, gift card donations, and corporate- sponsored family dinner nights, Project Hope raised almost $3,000. With this money, three families identified as impoverished by the Henrico Christmas Mother Program were able to receive items directly geared towards their needs to help them to get through the winter. After many long months of shopping, couponing, budgeting and searching, Catherine was able to successfully provide each of the families with everything from new wardrobes for rapidly growing children, to restocking pantries, to even bringing microwaves, pot and pans sets, and DVRs to replace old or broken ones. It is with great pleasure that Project Hope can say that they personally delivered each of these items, christmas gifts for the children, and other necessary items to each family's house and were accepted by gracious arms.

Great job Catherine on a project well done!


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