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CAPSTONE PROJECT: Chesterfield Youth Lacrosse Fall Festival

On October 17th and 18th the first ever Chesterfield Youth Lacrosse Fall Festival was held at Stratton Park in North Chesterfield, Virginia. All the money was raised to be split between two programs: the Lend Out Gear Program and CYL’s High School Volunteer Scholarship. The Lend Out Gear Program was created by CYL and is designed to provide gear to children and who would not be able to play the sport due to the cost of lacrosse gear. Throughout the years, CYL has recognized equipment cost as part of the reason parents choose not to introduce their children to the game of lacrosse. The CYL Board of Directors truly believe that lacrosse is an experience worth sharing and through the Lend Out Gear Program want to give the Chesterfield community that experience and love for the game. Along with the Lend Out Gear Program, the money raised also went toward the CYL High School Volunteer Scholarship. The CYL High School Volunteer Scholarship is awarded every year to one individual who has had a major impact on the CYL community by volunteering with younger players and being an example of the good core values of: respect, honesty, and responsibility.

On Saturday, October 17, teams from CYL, Blackhawks, Code, and Powhatan played in the U9, U11, & U13 age groups and on Sunday players from the U15 and High School age groups played. Each team had a total of three games on their designated day. Because of the play day type lacrosse festival, there was no tournament champion; however, CYL took down the competition in most age groups and represented the Chesterfield community well. Over the course of the two days over 2,000 people attended the tournament to watch some great games. Along with the games there were raffles for lacrosse gear, Dick’s gift cards, and lessons from local high school and college lacrosse players. The day was a great success. The Chesterfield Youth Lacrosse Fall Festival raised over 3,000 dollars for both the Lend Out Gear Program and the Volunteer High School Scholarship.

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