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IRISS Speaker: Sassan Parandeh

Through ONE Lunch, the Leadership & International Relations Center is able to offer James River students many enriching experiences including IRISS (International Relations Interactive Speaker Series) opportunities. On March 16, the Center sponsored a talk from ChildFund International’s Global Treasurer, Sassan Parandeh. His talk focused on social awareness and cultural variations. For example, he pointed out that the Kenyan banking system is almost 20 years more advanced than that of the United States.The Kenyan system uses SIM cards instead of money because of the devaluation of their currency. Their forced adaptation of the SIM card system was a quick fix for their failing economy but quickly turned into a revolutionary technological advancement.

Leadership Junior Catherine Zwemer said, “I found that his speech really helped to portray a sense of perspective on where your life stands versus the rest of the world.” Mr. Parandeh's talk offered insight into how the skills we learn as Leadership students play out in the real world.

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